08Jul 2014

Driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence carry serious penalties. Many states, including Pennsylvania enforce strict laws against drivers who drink and drive. If you are charged with a DUI in Montgomery County, you need to contact a DUI lawyer and find out what rights you have. There are at least 7 ways a […]

30May 2014

We all know that texting while driving car is hazardous to say the least.  It takes your eyes off the road and slows the drivers reaction time.  But a lot of people are unaware that Pennsylvania actually has a ban on texting while driving.  The law prohibits any driver from using an interactive Wireless Communication […]

11Apr 2014

Ads a public service, and to heighten awareness about DUI in Montgomery County PA and the surrounding areas, here are “3 DUI Facts You May Not Have Known.” DID YOU KNOW… 1.  You do not have to actually be driving a car to be convicted of drunk driving.  That’s right.  The DUI law in Pennsylvania […]

28Mar 2014

After the Montgomery County District Office withdrew prosecution of their case against former Montgomery County Republican party chief Bob Kerns, the PA Attorney General’s Office has decided to open their own investigation of Kerns, who was originally charged at the county level with raping an unconscious victim, raping a substantially impaired victim, and sexual assault. […]